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For once it really is all about you

Almost everytime I have the opportunity to speak about Smart Work Matrix, the same observation or question gets brought up:  How do I get attorneys to do what I say? or How do I convince them that I am right?

For so many professional services marketers, we believe the main challenge are the attorneys or the consultants or the professionals who won’t listen to us.

Actually our research has shown that the vast majority of stress and much of the waste of our personal resources is about marketing professionals inability to to be disciplined and sophisticated enough to understand how to work appropriately across the portfolio of roles, resonsibilities, tasks, activitiies they possess.  The truth is that not every work we engage in should be approached the same way.

Our review of the marketing professionals we work with, and who we meet, is that the vast majority understand the culture they work in, the individual professionals they work with and the tendencies of the organization.  Most can predict with uncanny accuracy how different events will evolve and be executed . . .before the first meeting takes place.

So the opportunity we have is to be proactive enought to analyze each significant responsibility and to develop an appropriate orientation, execution plan and understand the success factors which will ensure we provide the appropriate resources.

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